The Adventure Travel Film Festival came to London for an evening on 21 January to showcase six amazing shorts, cherry picked by Austin Vince. Austin is one of the curators of The Adventure Travel Film Festival. He receives about 100 films a year from all around the world, short and long, sea, land, lake, desert and mountain – he’s seen the full range of what’s out there today.

“When he finds a golden nugget, it’s time to take note!,” the travel show organisers said.

For this very special evening, Austin chose some great films, several ‘shorts’ and one ‘feature’ length to bring the festival to Olympia for one night only.

The feature length actually brought back memories from my own mountain hiking trips from high school. Every summer my biology teacher would take a select few on a pretty rough journey through Transylvania. On one of them we saw snow, rain and sunshine – all in the middle of August! After climbing the peak in the Radna Mountain’s, the rain set in for the next 50 hours! And my teacher stole my boring book by Hadrian! At least he enjoyed it while I was listening to the raindrops on the outside of the tent.

The Playlist At The Adventure Travel Film Festival

Power of Dreams (2015) The aim of the Adventure Travel Film Festival is to showcase the very best independent travel films, guarantee a platform for future adventure film-makers and bring together the adventure travel community.

Damavand: An Iranian Dream (2015) 11 minutes
A British-Iranian woman explores her roots on Iran’s highest summit.

Finding Grandma (2014) 8 minutes
Cycling around South America whilst filling in a gap on the family tree.

DOT. Sydney to London on a Wing and a Prayer (2015) 15 minutes
Nathan Millward’s energy and sense of mission amaze, as he rides a 100cc bike around the world.

EXPEDITION Q – A crossing of Baffin Island (2015) 12 minutes
A 1,000-kilometre ski, river, sea kayak and portage across the world’s fifth-largest island.

By Train Across Russia (2015) 9 minutes
Weirdly brilliant summary of a Trans-Siberian ‘Express’ journey. 

Feature Film

Power of Dreams (2015) 54 minutes

A youngster is horribly injured in an accident and sets out on an adventure to find himself. Instead, he discovers a whole lot more…