Ted Simon is best known in biker circles, he was one of the first to go around the world on a bike and write a book about it. That is if you discount “The Motorcycle Diaries” by Che Guevara – OK he didn’t cross the world but his book became a cult icon.

It was 2010 when I bought Ted’s book – I was still in a sort of holiday blues and needed something to lift me up. His book didn’t really help me get started like it did to many others, I had already travelled quite a lot by then. But in a way it reaffirmed my commitment to travelling. Sort of a second marital wow.

And how am I connected to Ted Simon, you might ask? Once I finished reading his book, I wanted to do more. Well, I tracked down his contact details and emailed him – and he responded! It wasn’t a very long response but to the point to a pointless question.

Anyhow, the dream I wrote about has come true: I’ve driven around the US many times and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. Read below!

My Letter

I have recently bought your first book and I am very impressed and sort of jealous. It has always been my dream to drive around the U.S. or South America but only got to take the train and bus on each side of the continent.

Now I am saving money to be able to do the same that Che Guevara did, ride through South America. I have done it in a bus already but I would like to do it now independently.

I am from Hungary by the way, I have read  your biography and was just wondering if you are of Hungarian descent too. That would explain the wanderlust in you 🙂

Response Received

Romania, actually – not quite the same thing, but similar?

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