Lordship is a typical suburb of New Haven and/or New York. It takes about an hour to walk around it, including the sandy beach. The breakfast was OK at Marnick’s but I stocked up on sweets at one of the local stores.

The Lordship Local

arizona peach iced teaWhen I am in the US I always buy some peach flavoured iced tea. My favourite variety is the AriZona Peach Iced Tea – Walmart sells the gallon size. It really does give a kick, but the problem is it is very addictive. A bar of peanut butter snickers and a “big gulp” (500 ml iced tea) sorts anyone out for the day.

By the way, here is a little tip for those that want to drive really off the beaten path: use google maps and set it to walk you along the main road instead of driving. This will set it to the shortest and straightest route, through towns and industrial estates instead of the interstate.

Otherwise by default gmap will send you on the fastest route. That is not a problem if you are in a hurry or you don’t know the way. However, I don’t trust google any more as I’ve proven it wrong on various occasions. Instead, I always check its suggested route and then use my own, getting to the destination far faster than with Google Maps. Luckily I can memorize maps quite easily so it’s not a big deal. So I put in my destination and set it to walk then I did some detours here and there as I saw fit.

Brunch in Westport

By the time I got to Westport it was time for breakfast number two. Whenever I went to Chicago I used to go to a Panera Bread breakfast bar and it so happened that there was one in Westport too. Turns out this branch is now closing down – hopefully not because of me!

panera-breakfast-sandwich-photo-e1415820924382I always used to have the Egg Bagel sandwich, but this time I had a special version with avocado and spinach inside.

There was and English couple in the line waiting for their caffeine top up. I thought I should ask them for some driving advice just in case. At first they were quite unfriendly as is usual with English expats but then they warmed up and the guy gave some driving tips. He also told me to keep to the speed limit – I wish I had, but more on that later!

As everything else in the US, Panera is a chain store, with hundreds of units across the states. According to the Huff Post, it is one of the most popular and fastest-growing chains in America today.

After Westport I stayed on the Old Boston Post Road, all the way to the Co-op Towers in New York. After that I joined I-95 again for a while then back into the streets of NY. I was in a bit of a hurry by then as I wanted to visit a synagogue in Fort Lee for Erev Sukkot.

Arriving in New York

The drive is quite interesting all the way to New York through expensive suburbs followed by some downtrodden industrial estates. This seemingly goes on forever until you start seeing the high-rises of New Rochelle, Pelham, Baychester and so on. By the time it was Bronx the traffic built up so I looked for quieter side streets. Some of the images below are from these.

By this time I completely gave up on the GPS and I was self-driving, following the sign posts to George Washington Bridge. It wasn’t super difficult and I got there in a short while.

Econo Lodge, Fort Lee

I stayed at the Econo Lodge in Fort Lee, New Jersey for the next three nights. I know it will sound weird but it was a dream come true. I always wanted to stay in a Motel at a busy intersection because I’ve seen it in so many movies. This is the ultimate place for people like me: the motel is in an “island” surrounded by three major roads – the New Jersey Turnpike, the Hudson Terrace and the Lemoine Avenue and it is facing the busiest bridge in the world.

When I checked in and asked for a quiet room the receptionist’s face said it all:

-You want a quiet room? she asked, looking incredulous.

-Well, yeah, if you have one…then she gave me two packets of earplugs without saying a word.

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