We entered Ecuador at Tumbes in the furthest north of Peru. Our first day in Ecuador was nice although it started pretty slow. It took us three hours to cross the border and we were tired and fed up afterwards. We headed off to Guayaquil, which was about four hours away from the border.

Guayaquil And The Iguanas

Guayquil is a huge port town with an amazing historic town center. They had many preserved houses and some amazing parks like the Parque de los Iguanos. In this park iguanas are literally walking around on the threes and in the grass. It was so fascinating to see those animals, which was a first for me.

We had a walk around Guayaquil and had something to eat but instead of staying in town we drove to a place called Playas. The word stands for beaches and that’s what the place is famous for. It is a beach town in Ecuador with many surfers calling it home. The seaside had many huts and restaurants and it really felt good to take a break here. The hotel cost $25 for a night with A/C and everything included, even Wifi! Ecuador uses the US dollar as their local currency which made it super easy to navigate!

Dubious Quality Petrol

Everything was very cheap and in at least one petrol station I saw the workers clean the ground with the fuel! Before that I thought this was just urban legend but no: at the end of the day the guy took the pump off and sprayed the petrol around and then brushed everything up! I couldn’t believe it!

The fuel wasn’t amazing quality and our car broke down the first day! Apparently some stations mix water with the fuel and that killed our filters. So we spent an entire morning at a garage waiting for someone to fix the car.

Lunch in Playas

Playas was a bit like a tourist resort town for rich Equatorians, Peruvians and Chileans. Still, a three course lunch in the posh part of town only cost $1.75! From Playas we went to a grape plantation and spent five hours there. These people can talk so long!!!

When they do business instead of getting to the point they talk about family, weather, football and all sorts of things when finally get to the point. They then talk about business for a little while and decide to meet again later!

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