Playas became our base for the next two days as Pancho had to visit a couple of grape plantations nearby. The afternoon we arrived we went to see some land on the outskirts of town because Pancho and Arturo wanted to invest in a plantation. It was here that I came face to face with a snake!

The Snake

As we were walking around in the high grass and among the bushes I suddenly noticed a huge snake in the grass! I nearly shitted a brick! It was a poisonous snake and Arturo told me to freeze. That little shit was staring me in the eye and then slowly went the other way. I was lucky enough to take a couple of photos, the better one is below here!

snake in ecuador

The next evening we slept in Salinas which is the Miami Beach of Ecuador. It was very nice but not my cup of tea. Why would anyone want to spend time in a built up tourist resort when there are so much nicer places in the country? From Salinas we went back to Playas again. The next day we drove out to that same plantation to talk about the same shit for another three hours.

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The Grape Plantation

I was so bored of listening to them by then that I decided to go for a walk. This was a massive grape plantation with harvests several times a year. Since we were close to the equator there were no seasons there so they could harvest more than once a year. The grapes were massive (below) and the branches were thick as my arms.

And what I couldn’t believe was how they had to maintain the grapes. Basically, every time the fruit appeared on the branch they came with a pair of scissors and cut out some of the mini grape bits to make way for remaining ones.

So when the grapes were still green and small they removed some of the green grapes. This meant that what was left behind grew big. If you don’t understand what I am saying look at the photos below.

The Hummingbird

Then, as I was walking around I couldn’t believe what I saw: I first thought it was a massive wasp but no, it was a hummingbird! It was a mini bird and was flying around the plantation drinking the honey out of the flowers. It was such an amazing site and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The bird’s wings were flapping like crazy and the bird itself was able to stay in one place for several minutes. A shame I didn’t manage to take any photos – they were too fast!

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