After Chincha we drove to Lima to pick up Rosita, a friend of Pancho’s who flew in to meet Arturo. Rosita was a lady from Santiago and later on in July I actually visited her massive house. She owned a laboratory testing soil quality all across South America and she made a fortune out of it! Yet, she loved going to the Chinese clothes markets to look around for bargains. So during our second day in Lima we visited a massive Chinese market. It turned out she wanted to save some money buying T-shirts for her staff!

The first day I was on my own as Pancho, Arturo and Rosita wanted to catch up. I went to walk around the downtown area called Miraflores and then down the seaside where they built a huge western style shopping center for the new rich.

Kennedy Square

Kennedy Square is in the center of Miraflores. Most of the touristy bits are around here and it is also where most of the historic buildings are. The square is super busy all the time with locals and tourists alike. Most of the western shops and fast food places are also here, including KFC, Burger King and McDonalds.

The sea is only a short walk from Kennedy Square and it is here you will find the strip malls.

Cinnabon and Multiplex

It was totally American with a Cinnabon restaurant and a massive multiplex cinema. Once I finished my cinnamon roll I decided to go to the cinema as there really wasn’t much else to do.

Lima is a massive dump to be honest and I wouldn’t return again. I’ve been there three times and it was just about enough. It is in the middle of the desert and public transportation is almost non-existent. All the roads are clogged with traffic and anywhere you look there are people hanging about with good or bad intentions. Suffice it to say I didn’t really enjoy visiting Lima.

Back to Chincha

From Lima we went back down to Chincha (200 kms away) for the night as Rosita had to take some soil samples. Unfortunately they broke into our car overnight and so Pancho had to replace the window and buy a new laptop which they stole from the car. It was a bit of a shock and put Pancho in a bad mood understandably.

peru road tripOnce we’ve done all we needed to do in Chincha we headed back up to Lima to drop Rosita off at the airport. From here the three of us drove almost non-stop to Culebras and then Chimbote. This was another one of those not-so-nice places and we stayed in an out-of-town ranch motel. The motel was quite nice with a swimming pool and each room had a small terrace with a garden patio.


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