This is part 3 of a 3-part series. Read episode 1 here and episode 2 here.

This is the story of my Marufo Vega Hike in the spring of 2015 in Texas. By the time I arrived on my last stretch out of the Marufo Vega Trail I was near death. I was completely dried out, my tongue stuck to my pallet and I was ready to drop off. But just then I walked past some people and I recognized they were the guys from the day before!

Without hesitation I asked one of them if he could spare some water but he had to ask his friends if it was OK…! As it turned out they only brought enough for themselves. Suddenly I thought he would not give me any water! All sorts of things went through my head there! Thankfully after some deliberation they filled one of my bottles halfway up so I had about 400 ml of water for the rest of the walk.

I was very thankful and after a short chat I decided to not waste my breath and said goodbye. I tried to ration the water but I was so hungry and thirsty by then that I ran out of water again just after Checkpoint 5. At this point it was one of the steepest climbs again. It was past 1030 am and getting hotter again…

Desperation Sets In Again on the Marufo Vega Trail

About an hour later I was becoming ever more desperate to get to the car. I had another 3-4 hours to walk and I just didn’t feel able to do it. The heat was literally killing me with absolutely no shade in sight. This was when I got the wet towels out to cool myself and pushed myself to the limits walking for another hour without a sip of water.

Then another miracle happened. I met a couple walking past and all they were carrying was some food and about two gallons of water. We started talking and I told them about my plight. This time I didn’t even need to ask, the guy just opened his special rucksack which was full of water and filled two of my bottles up! How amazing I thought! And he told me where his tent was and said that he had left three gallons of water outside it!

Crazy as it sounds but the premonition came through. He said I could just fill up my bottles again when I get to their tent! I could not believe how lucky I was and it happened almost exactly the way I had foreseen the night before!

The Last Stretch in Big Bend National Park

The water they gave me lasted me all the way to their tent where I filled up a little more to last me to the car. I got back just after lunch – exhausted, dirty and hungry. My arms, face and neck were literally roasted and red like a herring and my feet were in total agony. Previously I planned to stay another night at the Chisos Mountain Trail but I decided against it. Number one it was full of tourists and I had enough of adventure for the rest of the year!

I let the rangers know I was safe and sound and headed to Presidios for the night, ending my adventure in Big Bend National Park.

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