The Mystic Seaport Living Museum is a quaint little town off Highway 27, about an hour from Providence, Rhode Island. The Mystic Seaport Living Museum is full of historical homes and old ships where you can easily spend the whole day wondering around.

Mystic Seaport lies on the banks of the historic Mystic River, in Connecticut. According to the town’s website, it has the quintessential New England charm – whatever that is! The town offers major attractions, specialty shops, top restaurants and art galleries. The main street also has an old-fashioned ice cream shop and drawbridge.

Walking Around The Mystic Seaport Living Museum

It is well worth a visit not only because you can see and feel for yourself what life was like 300-400 years ago. In every shop you have super knowledgeable guides that will tell you all sorts of stories about life back then. For example, in the print shop I learned quite a lot of things, including the meaning of these:

  • Someone leaves a good impression: it originates from the old printing presses when they used lead and ink to leave impressions on paper.
  • Lower case and upper case: back in the day when letters were stored in wooden cases the upper case contained the capital letters and the lower case the…wait for it: lower case letters.

There is also an old bank building and at least three ships, including a whale hunting vessel. Click this link to download the below map.

Mystic Seaport

There are also at least a dozen historic houses on the main street which you can enter to see how the rich people used to live.

The Whale Hunter

The best bit is the whale hunting vessel, which they are currently renovating inside out. The ship has two levels and both are accessible for tourists. Here you can see how the captain and the sailors lived and where they processed the whale fat. Quite gruesome to think that some poor whales died on the vessel.

I only had a couple of hours to walk around unfortunately but it is easy to spend a whole day. They’ve also just built a massive new museum with new exhibits. The only drawback is the price, I think it was $26 for an adult…

If you want to arrange a self guided tour download this pdf.

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