Paris is not only the city of lights and love, it is also home to a million conferences every year. If on a short trip, the best is to rent a bicycle and go for a spin around town. Since I graduated from university I think I’ve visited more than a dozen times. I’ve been twice to report from rubber conferences, once for epoxy resins and another time for some other chemical.

Rent a Velib During a Short Business Trip

Rent a bicycle (a velib) and cycle around the city centre. It is super easy to visit all the museums you like this way. The traffic is chaotic but there are many cycle paths, so don’t worry. Go for a spin around the Louvre, the Notre Dame, the western and eastern railway stations, along the river or just criss-cross through the city.

Paris By Night

Visit some of the bars and restaurants around any major government office for good food. The bureaucrats don’t like to eat bad food so just hit up the ministry addresses and eat nearby. This is what I did and I am still dreaming about the steak and red wine I had outside the Foreign Ministry!

Cycling by night is also magical, so rent another bike again and cycle along the riverside. The views will be breathtaking all the way from the Notre Dam to the Eiffel Tower. You will see the Louvre, the Notre Dam, the Musee d’Orsey and the Eiffel Tower basking in light – something that will stay with you forever.

So make a choice: will you stay in your boring hotel room or go for a spin on your bike?

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