London Heathrow is one of the largest airports in Europe. If you come from far away places like Asia or America you are likely going to land here. Heathrow has well-integrated transport links to central London and the suburbs of London.

Arriving at Heathrow Airport

Look for signs to “Heathrow Central Bus Station” when you arrive at any of the Heathrow terminals. The central bus station at Heathrow is where all local and national buses depart from. From here you can take National Express, local and TFL buses to central London and surrounding towns and other airports. 


The cheapest way to Kingston, Sutton or Croydon is the X26 express bus. The X26 will take you to Croydon for £1.30 in about two hours, depending on traffic. The X26 serves south London, so it is a pretty good transport option if you are not heading to central London.

There is also the National Express bus to Victoria Coach station and other London Airports. All buses departing from Heathrow Central Bus Station are listed in this link.

Kingston Exchange

Take any TFL bus to Kingston to change to other local services at Kingston Exchange.


Take the underground directly to central London such as Leicester Square. The fares vary depending on which zone you travel to. This takes about 45 minutes to zone 1.

Heathrow Express Train

Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington for the fastest and most expensive option. The trip takes 15 mins and costs £20 for a standard adult fare at the station.


Taxis are probably the most extortionate and take the longest to travel as roads are always clogged. Taxi drivers are never in a hurry either, so just forget about this.


If you travel to the suburbs or central London, you can also grab an Uber. It can cost anywhere between £40-80, depending on where in London you are travelling to.