Finally we made our way to Quito at around 2-3pm. It was a huge relief for me following two days of gruelling talks about the calcium content of the soil. The 350 kilometers took nine hours and we got home to Arturo’s house well past midnight!!!

Driving To Quito

The roads were narrow and winding up and down hills and packed with cars. In the end we could only do about 40-50 km/h, far slower than we planned. I found it quite ridiculous as the entire country is full of oil and resources but the politicians steal it all, the corrupt bastards! Instead of investing in roads and railways they siphon the money out into the US or Panama – in the meantime destroying the rainforest!

Road Trip from Chile to Ecuador

Montanita, Ecuador’s Equivalent of Miami Beach

Arturo’s House in Quito

Arturo had a very nice house in the rich suburb on top of a hill. He lived there with his wife and their little daughter. We stayed two nights with Pancho and the next day we went for a walk in town.

Quito is like a nice European city, but with a little South American spice. It is an old colonial city and fortunately there has been next to no property development in the downtown area for at least 100 years. This meant that everything is as it used to be. The main square, the churches and all the old houses seem untouched by time. We didn’t go to any museums, instead walked around all day and then had coffee in a couple of places. In the afternoon we climbed up to the church spire of the largest cathedral in the city.

It was quite fascinating as the official just sold us the tickets then told us to get up top ourselves. It must have been the low season as there were only two other tourists in the entire cathedral. The views on top were amazing and we could see the entire city in 360 degrees.

A little bit further north of Quito lies the Equator. Pancho was kind enough to drive me there so I could take the below photo. One side of my bode was in the North, the other in the South!


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Quito was wonderful. I think it is the nicest city in the whole of South America. The city is high up in the mountains and the air is super clean and crisp. The people were very nice and the whole city centre had been preserved as a UN historic site. Watch this video below from youtube but skip to 2:00 to see the interesting bits.

Lying on the equator

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