Travelling with budget airlines mean added costs for checked baggage. I have a jaktogo jacket which I use once in a while to save money. The jaktogo bag is a pretty good idea, my only reservation is that it is so big and ugly. But if you do not care about looks then it is a good solution to take a little more stuff on your holidays.


Nice big pockets where you can fit loads of things. Once you have put things in the pockets, you can wear it as a jacket. It also simply folds up as a bag. When you arrive at the gate and meet a nitpicking check-in staff, simply put the jacket on and they won’t bother you anymore.


The price is pretty steep at €79.95! I would not pay more than €25 for it. The other thing is that it made me look like a terrorist about to board. That would surely put some people off buying the jacket.

Pros and cons aside, if you want to take more stuff with you and save on baggage charges, definitely take it with you.