The best way to reach South Ferry from the Grand Central Library is by bus or by the Subway. I took the bus to see other parts of the city but the 1, 5, R and W Subway lines also go to South Ferry. Here you can catch the free ferry shuttle to Staten Island. The island itself is not worth a visit in itself but the journey there is amazing – and FREE!


Make sure you queue up in time as the ferry only runs every 15 minutes and there is always a crowd. If you are hungry, like I was, there is a Wendy’s at the terminal so you can eat while you wait.

On Board the Staten Island Ferry

Once you are on the ferry try and go to the back because you will have the best views of Manhattan from there. While you are waiting in dock go to the right hand side if you are facing the dock to take good photos. The Statue of Liberty will be on the left hand side.

As soon as you leave the terminal switch sides to take photos of Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn itself. Try and go about half an hour before sunset to get the best light and some amazing sunset shots.When you are about 10 minutes into the journey go downstairs and go out at the back to take a full panorama of the city. You will need to get off and re-board but this will be easy and there is plenty of time. Unfortunately they don’t open the front section of the ferry so on the way back there are no good photo opportunities.

South Ferry to the Fort Lee

It was a very long journey from South Ferry to 181st Street, but luckily direct so I just headed back “home” after the ferry. Line 1 (the red line) took 53 minutes but from there I still had to cross George Washington Bridge by bus and walk to the Econo Lodge, which took another 30 minutes.

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