My friends looked surprised when I told them that my next holiday destination will be Texas. They were probably thinking: “why on earth would anyone want to go to Texas?”

Planning My Texas Trip

For me the answer was simple: I didn’t know much about Texas but I’ve seen a few movies and TV programs and I was intrigued. Having collected quite a few Britiish Airways Avios points, I decided Texas would be the best place to spend them. I love driving and I enjoy going to vast open spaces and I couldn’t have picked a better destination than Texas!

Apparently, BA agreed:


I booked my journey around the end of February when the weather was pretty miserable in the UK. I just couldn’t wait to get on the plane the following month. It was pretty much a decision of the moment and I’ve had absolutely no regrets ever since.

Marriott on Kathy Highway

Luckily I had enough points with Marriott to stay nearly a week for free, depending on the hotel. And my Avios points were enough for a convertible Mustang for the entire trip – with leftover to fly to Budapest!

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I arrived in Houston on March 14 in the afternoon, then hopped into the car and drove into town. The photos above are of the downtown area and the hotel. BA has regular daily flights from London to Houston, leaving the UK in the morning and arriving in Texas in the afternoon – super convenient and helps getting over the jet lag.

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I had no maps or GPS at this point, so I had to rely on my memory. Fortunately, Houston is a simple grid pattern and my hotel was on the I-10 which was easy to find. Watch the video below to see where I have been to.

This is is the first in a series of articles I will be publishing about Texas in the next few weeks, so please come back to read more.

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