If you fancy driving around Toulouse & Southern France and visit the caves near Grotte de Niaoux, you will need to fly for a weekend. There are various direct flights from London to Toulouse Airport every day, so a weekend trip should be an easy endeavour for anyone. Watch this short trailer to get a taster of what I did while I visited Toulouse and the south of France.

Getting to Toulouse with Easyjet

I flew Easyjet from Gatwick at a cost of £65 return. Once you arrive at the airport, just get on the tram towards the city center. As you arrive at Arenes station, get off the tram and change to the metro line towards the center of Toulouse. I rented my car from the railway station and instead of picking up at night, I stayed at one of the local hotels.

The Weekend Trip

I picked up the car on Saturday morning and drove off on a weekend trip from Toulouse to the South of France. The main focus of my journey was to discover the caves near Grotte de Niaoux and to see the waterfalls in the Pyrenees Mountains. I’ve picked up my car from Europcar  for a couple of days and the rental cost me a total of €85. The below pictures are from small towns along the road to Aulus les Bains.

Walking around Toulouse is quite a nice experience, but instead of going into more detail here, why not read my article about the city?

Grotte de Niaoux

Toulouse is only about an hour and a half away from the cave of Grotte de Niaoux, which is one of the oldest cave paintings in Europe. Those people were the hunters and gatherers of their time about 28,000 years ago. I’ve made this below video about arriving at the cave and a Catalan woman singing inside, have a look.

The Cascade d’Ars Waterfalls

I’ve written a separate article about the Cascade d’Ars, so please read that here. June is the best time to visit the waterfalls because all the snow melts at the top of the mountains.

Foix Castle and Medieval Town

The medieval town and Foix castle are about an hour and a half from Aulus les Bains. There is a river here in the valley and anybody that wanted to go south towards Spain, had to cross here and pay the toll to the owner of the castle, who was at one time the king of France. But read more here


There is more…!

Read my article about the following subjects if you are interested in a road trip around southern France. I did it myself in a couple of days so it’s perfectly doable. If you like to watch videos, check out my youtube channel as well.

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