The best Moscow Metro subway stations are all on the lines that Stalin built. The new system was Stalin’s pride and joy and he built every station as palaces for the proletariat. I’ve visited Russia four times in the past year and in that time I became very familiar with the metro. I had to literally pick my jaw up walking around Komsomolskaya, Mayakovskaya, Paveletskaya and Belorusskaya stations. There was marble, brass, granite and gold leaf virtually everywhere. And the best is that the trains ran every 2 minutes!

Best Moscow Metro Subway Stations

Most stations were full to the brim but it never felt crowded like the London Underground. Most stations were so big it felt like I was inside an underground cathedral. There were benches at every station so people often use these places to meet up or to have a date. There is also free wifi on the trains and at every station so it is miles better than London.

Moscow Metro subwayContinued…

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