I am somewhat of a railway anorak and steam engines are my weak spot. This is why I was very happy to visit the Bluebell Railways one misty afternoon in 2014. The Bluebell Railways is a historic railway line, operated by volunteers between East Grinstead and Sheffield Park Station. Visiting the historic Bluebell Railways in Sussex is a perfect day out for any family or railway enthusiast so read on to find out how to get here and how much a visit costs.

The steam engines here have sole usage of the entire line and the stations along are also from a by-gone era. It makes for a nice day out and if you prefer you can get on and off where you like and go for a walk in the surrounding nature reserve.

I shot this video below a couple of years ago – rest assured the trains still look the same and will probably do so for the foreseeable future! If you are in Hastings for a long weekend, you can easily visit the Bluebell Railways for a short choo-choo ride!

How to Find the Bluebell Railways

If you are coming from the direction of London, you can take a train to East Grinstead and hop on the steam engine there and return later in the day. Alternatively, you can drive to Sheffield Park, leave your car there and then buy a return ticket for the steam engine.

Entrance Fees and Tickets at the Bluebell Railways

The below screenshot is from the Bluebell Railway Company’s website displaying the railways fares and entrance tickets.

Bluebell Railways Ticket Prices & Entrance Fees

Bluebell Railways Ticket Prices & Entrance Fees

Bluebell Railways Video

And now to the best part, my video of the ride between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead on a proper steam engine in old passenger cars which the volunteers on the line restored with a lot of love and care.

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