Nathan Millward was one of the speakers at the Adventure Travel Show in January 2017 and I went to speak to him afterwards. He’s written a book titled “The Postman”. It is about his trip from Sydney to London and then on to Alaska from New York, using a 105cc bike. What an achievement! His bike’s top speed is 40mph, so more like a scooter with big wheels.

His idea to cross the world sprung out of his mind when he realised his 9-month relationship with his girlfriend was about to end. The Australians wouldn’t renew his visa either (their loss!) so he set out to leave the country overland.

I could go into all the details that we’ve talked about, but I won’t as he’s created a very good video about it. It was also featured by Austin Vince at the Adventure Travel Festival on 21 January.

I’m also about to read his book which is on sale for £12 – buy your copy before your next big adventure!