The Cheapest Way to Enjoy A Danube River Tour in Budapest is to use public transportation. The Budapest Public Transport Company operates frequent river services which you can take advantage of by buying a 24-hour or 48-hour public transport pass. Do not confuse this with a tourist pass – they are not the same. You simply need to go to a shop or ticket office and ask for a 24-hour public transport pass for Budapest which will be valid for buses, trams, the subway and also the river boats.

This stunning river tour in Budapest on the Danube will probably take your breath away in more than one ways! The Danube is a wide, slow moving river with spectacular historic buildings on either side. I am Hungarian so I am probably biased when I say that Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world – but I am not alone! Even one of the most popular US presidents, Theodore Roosevelt fell for it. He spent three days in the city in 1910 and took many engineering, city planning and construction ideas back  to the US from Budapest.

Video of my River Tour on the Danube in Budapest

Theodore Roosevelt’s Visit to Budapest

According to a paper by Zoltan Peterecz, “Perhaps a somewhat lesser known fact is that Roosevelt visited Hungary in 1910. As part of a European tour in the spring of that year, Theodore Roosevelt spent three days in Hungary.”

If you prefer not walking long distances but want to make the most of your time, then get on a boat! Budapest has an amazing river boat service as part of the public transport network. This means you won’t need to shell out a lot of money for a tour boat!

The Cheapest Budapest Danube River Tour

Whether you are a tourist or a business visitor, nothing should stop you from taking a ride down the river. Once your business meetings are over, turn your visit into a bleisure adventure and hop on a boat down the river Danube!

I am not sure whether Roosevelt had taken a river tour, but I am pretty certain the city leaders wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to show him the city this way. So please relax and watch the video below to take in this beautiful scenery.