Canandaigua is a small town south of Rochester in New York State. It is only a couple of hours from the Niagara Falls and just off I-90. Accommodation is far cheaper here than in Buffalo and it is a simple 2-hour drive there. The town also has various sights, including the Granger Homestead.

The Granger Homestead

I spent over two hours at this historic home, which used to be the home of the Postmaster General. Their website says: “You should expect to spend a minimum of two hours with us to get a complete tour. Tours are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 1-5 pm and Thursday to Saturday from 11-5 pm. The last full tour begins at 3pm. Admission is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and $2 for students.”

Here is a bit of history: Gideon Granger was active in state politics during the years of the American Revolution and the Constitutional Convention. A staunch supporter of Thomas Jefferson, he became Postmaster General when Jefferson took office as President in 1800. Granger continued to serve under President Madison until 1813 and became the longest serving Postmaster General in US history. Conversely, his son was the shortest serving General, for only 40-odd days. The history of all the residents is here.

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The Local Walmart

It was still pouring down outside so I decided to buy a waterproof jacket at Walmart. Out of interest I went to the bakery and vegetable section to compare prices. It is incredible but a dozen doughnuts are cheaper than a kilo of apples or oranges! The images below speak for themselves.

Niagara Falls

I arrived at the Niagara Falls just in time for the last Maiden of the Mist tour. The Maiden of the Mist is a small boat that takes tourists to the water fall, making everyone wet. It now provides a free waterproof jacket so it was pointless to buy one at Walmart.

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The boat trip was absolutely fascinating and the roaring of the waterfall was so loud. It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, everyone will still get wet. There is so much mist everywhere that it is inevitable. The boat goes as close as it can, which is about 15 meters from the actual fall. It costs just under $20 but it’s worth it and takes about 20 minutes.

Rochester Regal Cinema

Rochester Regal CinemaI headed to Rochester from Buffalo after it got dark because there wasn’t much else to do there. Unless you like playing in the casino or buying tourist trash it’s not worth staying in Buffalo.

Rochester is a couple of hours away from Buffalo and like every other town, it has an Econo Lodge! This cost 8,000 points, leaving enough to stay at another place in Albany the last night.

Since it was only about 7.30 when I arrived in Rochester, I decided to go to the cinema to see Jack Reacher 2. What a load of trash!

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