Cycling around St Petersburg will help you cover a much larger area than you would be able to on foot. St Petersburg is a pretty big city and while you can see much of the historic sector on foot it is good to rent a bike for at least one day. I spent three days there and for the first two days I walked around the canals and visited some museums.

Then on my third day I rented a bicycle from Skatprokat Bike Rentals. They are very flexible and low cost, right next to the train station. And if you don’t want to cycle on your own they also organize bicycle tours of St Petersburg. Being a lonely spirit I opted for renting a bike on my own. Watch the video below to see where I went then scroll down for an itinerary.

Itinerary for Cycling Around St Petersburg

  • Cycle to Monastryskiy O.
  • Roll down along Obvodniy Channel back into the city center
  • Cross the city on Moskovskiy Avenue
  • Cycle along any of the canals to Palace Square
  • Cross Liteyniiy Bridge to visit Lenin Square
  • Go across Sampsoniyevskiy Bridge to St Petersburg Mosque (blue building on video)
  • Go around Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Take bike back to Skatprokat near Moskovskiy Voksal


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