Moscow is a mysterious city in many respects – and most likely also haunted. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that most basements are filled with ghosts – a legacy of Lenin and Stalin torturing and executing thousands of people in the city. Perhaps this is what caused some mysterious events to occur in one Moscow park on a winter night.

The Mystery Park in Moscow

As I was walking back to my hotel I passed the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow on Leontyevskiy Pereulog. There is a nice park right next to it and just as I arrived it started snowing. (click the images to enlarge)

So I got my iphone out to take a few photos. But lo and behold just as I pressed the record button it ran out of battery!

No bother I thought – the hotel was next door and I had another night to come back. I went home, plugged the phone in and it said it still had 33% battery – very odd.

The next evening I made sure to walk across the same park and had 54% battery left. All I wanted was to take about 10 seconds of shots from two angles.

Third Time Lucky

Again, just when I turned the screen on and was about to press the record button the phone turned off! My gosh I thought this is very strange. So I went back to the hotel, plugged the phone in and it showed 35% charge still! I am not one to easily give up though.

I put my shoes and jacket back on and rushed back to make those last shots. This time it worked! The moon was full and it was still snowing so I got some really nice shots. Watch the video below to see it for yourself.

Video of Moscow

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