I visited Granada for a couple of days and went on a Tapas Tour with Garnata Tours, a local tour operator. Garnata Tours offer specialized tours in the region, including evening Tapas tours around Granada. Going on an evening Tapas Tour in Granada is a must if you are staying overnight so read this post to find out more about this quintessential Spanish tradition.

Tips Before You Go on a Tapas Tour

  • Make sure you let the tour organizers know about your allergies and food preferences
  • Most tour operators can prepare for your allergies in advance
  • Some even offer Halal, Kosher, Vegan and other tours
  • Take comfortable walking shoes and don’t overdress
  • Expect to drink some tasty local wines
  • Arrive on an empty stomach and prepare to eat a lot!

Bar Borraja and Bar TTT

Red Wines at Bar Paco's

Red Wines at Bar Paco’s

We visited two bars during the night: Bar Borraja and Bar TTT. In Bar Borraja we had some nice croquettes, a beef stew, fried eggs and more special croquettes and I also had a glass of local white wine (watch the video for the name and my review).

Our next stop was Bar TTT about five minutes walk away. Here we tasted some more wine and local specialties. TTT Bar and Restaurant is a slightly more high-end place than Bar Borraja, specializing in great tasting local food.

Here we had some fried chicken strips, some beef and the local speciality which is a dark Iberian pork dish. I did not try the pork but everything else was very tasty! After all the meat we finished the night with a few slices of strawberry cheesecakes.

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Manuel, The Tour Operator

Manuel, our tour guide is the owner of Garnata Tours. What we did was basically go with him testing out some new places which he wanted to include in future tours, so it was a slightly unconventional way of having a Tapas experience. I really enjoyed the tour and if you want the real experience with someone that knows the city inside out I would recommend contacting Manuel or booking directly on his website.

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