Kate Davis is the head of impact and communications at Uganda Marathon. It is a charitable organization helping the needy in Masaka, Uganda.

I caught up with her on the sidelines of a presentation at the Adventure Travel Show in January.

The Uganda Marathon Project

“Uganda Marathon works with international development projects. We do a lot of fundraising and spend the money in small communities in Uganda,” Kate said.

Her job is to work on projects that help 100s of people in Uganda from educating young girls to testing kids for HIV/AIDS.

“We’ve run for 2.5 years and raised £250,000 in that time!” she said enthusiastically.

She got involved in the project last year, after finishing a paddleboating expedition down the river Danube.

“ I saw so much poverty along the river and when I returned to the UK I decided I needed to do something meaningful. So I joined Uganda Marathon.”

One of their major tasks is to break barriers and tackle stereotypes in Uganda.

“A lot of people struggle to come to terms with having disabled children for example – they often are abandoned by their parents. We help these kids and also educate the public that being disabled is not a problem.”

Uganda Marathon also funds farming projects, renewable water sourcing, community self-help projects and basically to make a village self-sufficient.

“There is no point in ploughing money into a project and then finding they need more and more money. We want these people to be able to help themselves after we leave, to be self-sufficient.”

The Adventure Travel Show

This is where the Adventure Travel Show comes in. Kate’s team are here to recruit volunteers that are happy to raise funds in the UK and then visit Uganda for a week.

A one week trip starts from £580 in a basic camp, but there are also options for glamping and hotel accommodation for a higher fee.

“Masaka is off Lake Victoria, in a beautiful location in a very safe and friendly environment. So far we’ve helped nearly 30,000 people by testing for Aids using motorbikes, helping young girls get education in schools and so on.”

If you are interested in enrolling please visit their website or email Kate. The week-long stay includes ground transportation, accommodation, food and also a marathon run at the end of the stay.