Battle in East Sussex is the site of England’s most iconic battles: the Battle of Hastings! Now if that sounds confusing, you are not alone! Basically, William the Conqueror landed at Norman’s Bay near Pevensey on a rainy (let’s say) Sunday morning. He then walked up to Pevensey Castle and invaded it, then went around pillaging a little. This drew the attention of Harold, King of England, who then marched down to beat the crap out of William.

The problem is that by the time Harold and its men got north of Hastings they were all tired, whereas William was all nicely rested. They went head to head on a steep hill not far from Hastings, a place now called Battle in remembrance of all this.

Day Trip to Battle in East Sussex

Battle is a nice quaint little town, with very little else going for it. I’ve driven through it for about two years and one weekend I decided to stop. The below video will show you the town and its surroundings as well as the site of the battle.

The ticket was quite extortionate at £11.20 for an adult, considering it is just an empty field! What you do is walk around the field and listen to some audio guide telling you the history. Then at the end of the path there are the ruins of the abbey and a private school building which is closed to the public.

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