Calauto is a rental company in Israel specilizing in car hire in most major cities. I rented my car through Argus Car Hire, a global car hire specialist, offering car rental at almost all locations around the world. Basically, it is a price comparison site where you can pick the car that most suits your needs.

I’ve been using Argus Car Hire for years as I can filter by price, reviews and select various options such as “full-to-full”, “unlimited mileage” and so on and I am now a silver Argus Car Hire member. The best is that nothing is hidden away in the small print, everything is above board and you can cancel for free if you change your mind.

I booked my Cal Auto car for pick up in Tel Aviv for two weeks, costing $350 including third party, collision damage waiver and theft waiver. The car came with unlimited mileage, air-conditioning and automatic transmission.

Tips for Renting a Car in Israel

  • Always rent a car with “full-to-full” fuel policy
  • Rent a car with unlimited mileage and air-conditioning
  • Don’t sign up to anything the clerk is trying to up-sell
  • Make sure you have insurance that covers the windscreen, tyres and underside of the car
  • Take a credit card to cover at least €1,500 pre-authorisation
  • Check that you have third-party insurance
  • Remember to take you passport, drivers license and credit card you used to book the car

Picking Up The Car

The car hire desk was at the airport and all went very swift, I got the keys within about 10 minutes. My car was a Chevrolet Spark, the smallest in the range but it was still quite powerful and there was plenty of space for one person.

What I Did Not Like About This Car

The only thing I did not like was that the booth space was pretty small, so I could just about fit my tent and rucksack in there, if I had a bigger suitcase it would have been a struggle.

My Favourite Parts of The Car

There was a door for the back seats so I was able to pick up hitch-hikers – they gave me lots of good advice on where to eat or visit during my holiday. Also, the front door was nice and big so I could get in easily. I rented an automatic car and I would recommend you do the same so you can just relax and focus on the driving and the scenery instead of fiddling with the gear.

Starting A Car In Israel

When you rent a car in Israel the first thing you need to remember is the PIN code to your car. The cars are fitted with a special device connecting to the ignition – if you don’t know the pin the car will not start so make sure you memorize the number! Once you have entered the code, you can put the key in the ignition and start the car.

Tip: make sure you rent a car with air conditioning because Israel is a really hot country!

Driving Distances

I drove nearly 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) and I had to fill up about six times in total. Considering Israel looks like a tiny spec on the map, the distances can be quite far as it is a long and narrow country.

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