Nazca is not only famous for the lines but also for its orange groves. They grow thousands of tonnes of orange here is vast areas stretching along the river and the various canals. So, after the lines in Nazca we visited a massive orange plantation.

This was the first time I had seen an orange plantation and it was quite fascinating. I had seen orange trees before in Valencia, Spain but never an entire grove. When I graduated from high school I actually wanted to go an pick oranges in Italy but instead I ended up in Dublin picking boxes in a warehouse!

The Nazca Orange Plantations

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While Pancho was doing business in the office, I went for a big long walk in the orange groves. There were roads between the various parts of the plantation. It was June but the weather was more spring-like the oranges smelled amazing. The roads were also lined with eucalyptus trees and the smell was simply amazing. I can’t describe it but imagine mixing an orange and eucalyptus air freshener in the room!

I picked a couple of oranges then went to discover some other parts of the plantation. In the other corner there were some peacocks hiding which was another first for me!

Arriving in Chincha

Chincha, PeruAfter about two hours on the plantation we drove on to Ica and then Chincha where we spent the night. Chincha is a small town in the middle of the desert and there really is nothing going for it. What’s more, a massive earthquake completely destroyed the town in 2006 so a lot of the buildings were still in ruins. We spent about three nights here but it was probably the most terrible place I’ve ever stayed in my whole life. I went to the plantation for the first day but then the second day I decided to stay in town and have a walk around.

The town center was still in ruins and the only real sight was the market. It was a vegetable, meat, milk and fish market with all the smells and dirt that comes with it. I have a strong stomach but I nearly threw up when I visited the fish market section. It was the most horrendous sight and smell as they were gutting the fish in the midday heat with no fridge or ice anywhere. That really put me off fish and just about everything while in Peru.

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