On my way back to Tampa Airport from Key West I decided to drive along SR-826 and A1A, avoiding Miami. I did this because I didn’t want to go back the same way I came. Also, I didn’t want to be in the Miami gridlock either. But, the most important reason was this: President Trump’s house is next to the A1A in Mar-A-Lago!

There was already a big crowd when I arrived, all supporting Trump. The Blacks for Trump, the Proud Deplorables and a campaigner of Defend Jerusalem. I must admit he has a really nice house, with a private beach, right next to the golf club. I wasn’t invited in for dinner unfortunately. Never mind, I still had good fun talking to Bob from Shalom International in Fort Lauderdale.

I shot this video using my iphone 5s and edited it using GoPro’s Splice App, enjoy!


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