The Red Square is Moscow’s most iconic site. It is slap-bang in the middle of the city so you cannot miss it! If you want a real Russian-feel holiday then plan your visit for the winter. During my visit it snowed and I was lucky to make the below video – I will never forget Moscow covered in snow. The river also froze and all the pavements and rooftops were white, just like from a movie. The only regret I have is that I didn’t have time to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum. Anyhow, hopefully I will have another opportunity.

Red Square Moscow Walk Itinerary

I started my visit walking from the Baltschug Kempinski from the South. Right in front of the bridge is the entrance to Red Square. You literally cannot miss it as the church spires and the red brick wall give it all away. Lenin’s Mausoleum will be on your left and the Gym Shopping Centre of the right. In front of you will be a big red building: the History Museum. As you pass the museum you will see a big iron gate on the left. Go inside there and on the left hand side will be the WWII memorial. I found it fascinating how the soldiers stood there come day or night, snow or rain – not a single movement, just like statues. From here you can walk another five minutes through the park to reach the Kremlin. There are various churches and monuments inside the Kremlin, so plan at least an afternoon there.


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