Margaret Mwale works for Zambian Ground Handlers, a tour operator. It is a small company that aims to provide a personalised service to tourists. They can book and oversee all aspects of a Zambian itinerary from lion watching to a safari trip.

Listen to Maggie Mwale Talk About Zambia

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial. While Zambian Ground Handlers are a private company, they are not paying me for this article. At work I’ve written a lot about Zambian mining and railways so I simply wanted to learn more.

Maggie and Zambian Ground Handlers

Margaret (Maggie) studied Tourism and Travel at college in Lusaka. She then moved to Mfuwe to take up a position in the reservations department at Norman Carr Safaris. Living in the bush was an eye-opener for Maggie but she moved back to Lusaka after five years to work for ZGH.

“I miss my old life in the bush and I miss waking in the dead of night to an elephant outside my room or a lion calling in the distance…”

I met her at the Destinations Travel Show in London where I asked her why anyone should visit Zambia.