Santa Monica CaliforniaSanta Monica and its white sandy beach is probably the number one representation of what I call California Dream. After lunch in downtown Los Angeles I took the bus 704 direct to Santa Monica. I had more than one reason to visit Santa Monica: I wanted to see the Farmers Market and also the famous pier plus the heritage center. Also, at one point in my life I worked for Demand Media Studios and their headquarter is in Santa Monica. The ride to Santa Monica took a little over an hour on an air conditioned direct bus. Nowadays you can also take a direct train but at the time the bus was the most convenient.

Santa Monica Walk

Once I got off I walked to the Farmers Market to get some fruits and veg. The market is not very big but it has a great variety and most of the things are from the local area. I decided to get a packet of strawberries and a small bottle of lavender oil which the girl that sold it made.

santa monica walkAfter the market I went to the California Heritage Museum on the corner. The museum is an old house which used to be in a different location. When the council decided to build the freeway the house was in the way. But, instead of demolishing it they moved it to where it is now.

The Heritage Museum

The house is home to various exhibits and provides a good insight into what life was like in the last century. It is easy to spend an hour or more here but I was dying to see the beach so I left. The streets leading to the beach are suburban developments from the last century and look amazing. As soon as I reached the end of the streets the fresh sea breeze hits me and I knew I arrived in my California Dream!

The water wasn’t warm enough to go inside but the sun was out so I laid down to sunbath a little. About half an hour later I made my way to the pier but I didn’t go in as it was full of tourists. From here it is a short walk to downtown Santa Monica. There are various buses from here to Rodeo Drive and West Hollywood with the famous pavement of the stars. I stopped off in Rodeo Drive to see what the hype is all about and had a coffee there. I saw all the expensive shops and cars but I didn’t stay too long – I wanted to see the Hollywood sign.

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I got on another bus from here to West Hollywood which took about 40 minutes if I remember correctly. I was slightly disappointed as the sign was not as big as I imagined and there were throngs of tourists again. Instead of sticking around I went to the Universal Studios Park just up the road from here. It was spectacular there with all the special neon lights and attractions. By this time I was so tired I could hardly move so I sat down to eat an ice cream.

Back to Long Beach

From here I took the same bus back to West Hollywood and then the red line to Metro Center. There I changed to the Blue Line direct to Long Beach. So here I am living proof that as a tourist using public transport I could get around LA very easily!


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