Tel Aviv in Israel is most famous for its stunning beaches and night life but there are also many other things to do here that involve nature one way or another. For example, you can cycle along one of its many cycle paths, visit its numerous parks or simply walk down to the coast and enjoy one of the best many free beaches in Tel Aviv. The entire beach walk will take you about an hour and a half non-stop, but I would recommend stopping along the way and turning it into a nice easy day trip sampling the best free beaches in Tel Aviv.

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This walk will take you from Reading Park in the north to Jaffa in the south, stopping off at the best beaches along the way. Reading car park is a free parking lot by the main bus terminal. If you don’t want to pay for parking, just drop your car off here and then make your way south. From Reading car park there is a pretty little walk to the beach through a couple of pedestrian bridges, crossing a river. This walkway is also part of the Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Bicycle trail, which I am planning to do one day.

Tel Aviv Free Beach Walking Tour

Tel Aviv Free Beach Walking Tour

The Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

There are many beaches on the Tel Aviv coast, but in my opinion these are the best ones below. If you follow my walking tour itinerary than you will find these north to south:

  • Metzitzim Beach – family beach
  • Religious Beach – fenced around for the observant (get the pun?)
  • Hilton Dog Beach – dog friendly beach
  • Tel Aviv Gay Beach – speaks for itself
  • Gordon Beach – Gordon, Frischman and Bograshov are Tel Aviv’s most popular beaches
  • Frischman Beach – wide sandy beach
  • Bograshov Beach – lots of bars nearby
  • Guela Beach – beach for local Tel Avivi people
  • Banana/Drum Beach – a very relaxed hippy beach
  • Alma Beach – no sunbeds or lifeguards, relax and enjoy the sun
  • Jaffa Beach – big waves and lots of surfers

During the summer the days get very hot, so walking in the sea breeze makes for a better experience. You can also check out the hot men and women sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv while you are soaking in the sun! What I did was walk for about half an hour, then go swim for a while and sunbath on the beach for a little – then I went off to the next beach, spending the day like this.

Having Lunch During The Walk

When I got hungry I walked into town and stopped at the Yashka Shawarme and Grill on Dizengoff street to have something for lunch. It is about 10 or 15 minutes from the actual beach, but well worth the walk. They make amazing food and probably the best French fries anywhere in the world! I went back there twice afterwards!

Visiting Jaffa

Later I carried on walking towards Jaffa which is in the south of Tel Aviv. If you are starting out from Yashka, the walk will take you about 40 minutes. Jaffa is an old historic city with various markets and cafes as well as restaurants. It is worth visiting to see the contrast between the old and new Tel Aviv before you return to your hotel to witness an amazing sunset!

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