I drove to Baeza in the north of Andalucia during a four day road trip around the province. Baeza is a little over one hour away from Granada and offers some spectacular architectural heritage to the visitor. Baeza is a UNESCO World Heritage City with a stunning medieval city center, showcasing some beautiful renaissance and gothic architecture. Unfortunately the weather was not perfect during my visit, but I still had a great time walking around this ancient city of Andalucia.

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During my visit I was accompanied by Maria Antonia Vargas Torres, a tour guide from the local area. She was very helpful and gave a lot of insight into the city’s history, including its old university, the cathedral and the main square.

Tips for Visiting Baeza in Spain

  • Make sure you also visit nearby Ubeda (9 km) and Jaen (48 km)
  • Stay centrally so you can walk around easily
  • Hire a tour guide to learn about Baeza’s history
  • Try the local delicacies in the form of a Tapas Tour

Visiting The UNESCO Historic Sites in Baeza

A renaissance courtyard in Baeza

A renaissance courtyard in Baeza

Baeza and nearby Ubeda have been UNESCO World Heritage cities since 2003. The UNESCO awarded them this status for the special Renaissance Monumental Ensembles in their respective town centers, showcasing some stunning and untouched architectural heritage from the middle ages.

The main buildings in Baeza are the Cathedral and the Santa María Square, the old Seminary and the University. Some of the other important buildings are the current tourist office, the court house and the marvellous Palace of Jabalquinto.

The central cathedral bears the coat of arms of many magnificent kings, such as Charles V of Germany and I of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor. Although Granada is much bigger and has the Alhambra, my personal opinion is that Baeza was just as interesting and with far fewer tourists so a visit here will enable you to take some nice photographs of these stunning structures.

Where to Stay in Baeza

A palace facade in Baeza

A palace facade in Baeza

I stayed at the Hotel Puerta de la Luna in the center of Baeza in the old town. The hotel is within a historic building with a courtyard and a swimming pool. The reception is on the ground floor, where there is main inner courtyard. There is also a study on the first floor as well as various sitting rooms.

The bedroom has a double bed, a desk and a couple of armchairs as well as the TV. The bathroom had a tub, a shower, a couple of sinks and a toilet plus a bidet. The breakfast room was in the basement, serving continental breakfast.

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