Andrew Fraser is the former Travel Editor and Deputy Editor of Attitude magazine. He was talking at the Destinations Travel Show in London about cheap flights and all. Andrew has had a love of the obscure, a love of bargains, and a love of travel since he was an eight year-old-boy.

When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, he rushed to Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. There he enjoyed the greatest adventure of his life so far, costing little more than pennies.

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Skyscanner, Andrew’s Favourite

Now in 2017, the internet and low cost airlines have brought back those halcyon days of cheap travel bliss. Andrew’s favourity is Skyscanner where he loves using the “anywhere” function.

In his book Tripping the Flight Fantastic he takes you on a journey in search of culture, gastronomy and – yes – the seamier side of life.

What’s more, Andrew reveals how to create a dream trip for less than the price of a stewardess’s blue eye shadow. You may never travel in the same way again. Listen to the podcast below the hear his thoughts.

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