It’s been a while since the last Traverse event in London in April 2017 but now it is time to get ready for the next one in April 2018! I should have written this earlier but I have been a bit swamped! I’ve made a tonne of videos and even won a trip to Spain with a short video I created about the Tapas Day in London, also organized by Traverse.

A Hungarian newspaper also featured my website and the Hilton Budapest will feature my blog on their social media! Skyscanner Elite also published two of my articles and Lonely Plant accepted me on their Pathfinder program – so keep it rolling! And all this is partly thanks to my attendance at Traverse 2017 in London.

At Traverse I also learned that it is important to make friends in Facebook travel blogger groups to get back links. So I joined a couple of groups and met Christine Rogador from the Philippines who wrote this very witty article about “travellers vs tourists”!

Next year’s event in Rotterdam is promising to be a good one and I am planning to attend if nothing else comes up. The cheapest tickets are already gone but even if you book a month ahead it is not going to kill you as it’s priced to sell.

Meeting People At Traverse 2017

A lot of these things would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Traverse event in April. I met a lot of nice guys there and heard so many experienced folk talk about what they do. There was Greg from Travizeo who shoots amazing videos, Brogan Abroad with her great website, Milly Molly Does from Surbiton with her energy and vibe and plenty of others that I will list at the end of this post.

I also met Sebastian from Lonely Planet who told me about their Pathfinder program. Then of course the endless drinks and food – my favourite were all the tapas on the last day!

Lauretta Wright was also great, we agreed to exchange ideas and write about each other on our blogs, which is still in progress.

Corinna Laimer is now my best blogger buddy from Germany, although her blog is in German I took some ideas from her.

Sandra from Rotterdam was super happy when she found out Traverse will be there next year – I imagine she will be going!

There was also Joanna from the World in My Pocket where   she writes about her travels around the world and food.

Alison was also very creative at Up&AtEm Travel where she tells about her inspirational journeys around the world.

What to Expect at Traverse 2018 in Rotterdam?

These events organized by Traverse tend to be very good and filled with action, lots of drinks and plenty of networking opportunities. Michael and the other guys fill the week with special events, some during the day and others during the night and all of this is included in the one price. The weekend event then features speakers and workshops by various bloggers that have lots of visitors and more experience. If you are thinking about going then I would recommend you check out their website where there is plenty of more information.

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