I met Austin at the Adventure Travel Show in January 2017 after the screening of this year’s Adventure Travel Film Festival. He was walking across to the pub and I thought it was my opportunity to grab him for a few words – which I did!

We only had a short amount of time so I could only squeeze in one question: What would be his advice for a novice before setting off on a motorcycle trip of a lifetime?

Wise Advice by Austin Vince

“Well, just go!” OK, this caught me off guard and I think he saw this so he then carried on: “If you asked me for advice on jumping over this four lane road I would say it’s not possible, yet many people think going on a bike trip around the world is the same difficulty. It simply is not!”

“Of course, you will need funding and will-power, but at the end of the day you just need to set off and follow one direction. There are many people that will never do it. Either they don’t want to, or if they want to they just cannot make up their minds. They simply cannot break away from a working life – the 9-5.”

If you don’t know who Austin Vince is then visit his website www.austinvince.com