I visited the Almazara Campopineda Olive Press near Pinar during a road trip around Andalucia. Almazara Campopineda is a factory that produces high quality olive oil and they also offer tasting tours in the factory. The Almazara Campopineda factory produces about 7 million liters of olive oil per year, collecting fruits from the area’s farmers. Visiting the Almazara Campopineda olive press is not difficult at all: Pinar is less than one hour away from Granada and much of the drive is on a two lane freeway.

Olive Oil Production Process

When trucks deliver a load of olive, they are dumped here and then washed and pressed for further processing. The machines separate the seeds from the fruit and then smash it all up into a pulp. That pulp is then pressed and filtered by a machine, separating any sediment and water out of the mix.

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The final product is then pumped into a massive tank where it is left to settle before they are bottled for distribution. These massive stainless steel tanks can store 52,000 liters of oil each – I counted at least two dozens of them on site!

Bottling Olive Oil

Bottling Olive Oil

How to Bottle Olive Oil

It was quite fascinating to see the bottling unit in action. The plastic bottles are sent through a line where the oil is pumped into the bottle. The next step is to cap the bottle and then label it and box it.

The whole process takes a few minutes and requires only one person to control it! There is also a restaurant on site where we tasted the best olive oils the plant produces.

Olive Oil Tasting in Andalucia

Jacqueline, the boss at the Almazara Campopineda was very helpful and she showed us the best kinds of olive they produce here. We tasted three different types of oil, their virgin olive oil, harvested in October from organic centenary trees, their bio oil and a selection of others. By the way, “centenary tree” means the three from which the olive was harvested is at least 700 years old! And there are trees in the region that are at least 2,000 years old! It is so fascinating to think that these tree have been here since Roman times, feeding generation after generation!

Olive Oil Tasting Tips

Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil Tasting

Basically, when you taste olive oil you should never taste it with salt and the bread has to be white bread. Otherwise the seeds and salt will change the real taste of the olive oil and you will not be able enjoy it properly.

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I also tasted their special Campopineda Arbequina selection which tastes a bit like cloves, cinnamon and apple mixed together with a bit of freshly cut grass. It was so natural I just loved it!

Factory Shop

The factory is also home to a store on site, selling the products they make here so if you want some real good souvenirs, I would recommend stocking up here!

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