Hampton Court Palace is simply breathtaking and is one of my favourite places in London (or should I say Kingston). It may be because I am often a rebel myself – Henry VIII sent his first letter to Rome from this palace threatening to break with the Papacy in 1530. A day trip to Hampton Court Palace and Gardens in London is super simple as the public transport network is amazing here.

You should start early, as soon as the palace opens at 10.00 (The Palace is open Monday-Sunday:  10AM-4PM). That is because the area you will cover is huge and there are also the gardens to visit.

How to Get to Hampton Court Palace

If you are travelling from Central London, you can take a boat out here for about £20 or just take a train to Kingston from Waterloo station and then a local bus to the Palace entrance. You can take the 11, 216 and 411 buses to the main entrance. Tickets on the bus cost less than £2.00 and the train ticket is about £5.40.

Cost of Hampton Court Palace Entrance Tickets

Buying online is cheaper, coming in at £15.90 for adults and £8.00 for children.

Hampton Court Seedy Historical Facts

The Palace website has some fascinating facts about the building, for example that in 1541 it was here that Henry VIII found out about Catherine Howard’s earlier sexual liaisons. They interrogated her and kept her under house arrest in the palace. Then came the inevitable head chopping!

Hampton Court Video

I used the music of one of the greatest composers of all times for this video: Georg Friedrich Händel. I know his work quite well, I sort of have a good handle on him!

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