I drove to Pinar in Andalucia during a four day road trip to visit the prehistoric caves in the mountains. Pinar is about 45 minutes away from Granada by car and there are three main tourist attractions here:

How to Get to Pinar by Public Transport

There are three daily buses operated by ALSA that depart from Granada, costing about €8 each way.

Cost of Tickets to the Cave

The ticket office for the caves and a small museum are in the town hall of Pinar. The ticket cost €8 per person for adults and €5 for children. There is a mini train transfer from the town hall to the caves, leaving from the main square. The train ride takes about ten minutes and it is fully covered so you stay dry even if it is raining.

History of The Caves

The Cueva de las Ventanas caves were inhabited by hunters and gatherers for thousands of years and the exhibits are from the people that used to live there. The cave is 100% accessible by wheelchairs and pushchairs as there are no steps inside, so even disabled people and families with small children can visit.

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The Caves in Pinar

The Caves in Pinar

The local council redeveloped the caves into a museum 18 years ago and now there is even a concert hall inside where weddings and musicals have taken place over the years. If you are interested in history and caves, I would highly recommend a visit here. Unfortunately, there has been a draught here for years so the caves are bone dry, meaning there is no more stalactite generation.

Nowadays the entire community involved, and even the tour guide responsibilities are shared out: it rotates between several local guides every six months.

Tour Guide

The Stalactites in the Caves

The Stalactites in the Caves

Mari Cruz, the tour guide offered some fascinating commentary, including about her childhood when she and her friends would play in the caves.  The kids and her used to climb into the cave, painting the walls and fooling around.

In the past, thousands of years ago, there were even Rhinos, Hyenas and wild boars living around here and at one point some kids found a purse full of Arab gold left over by the muslims who lived up in the castle.

Photo with Fernando, the Cave Painter

Part of the tour is a photo opportunity with Fernando, the cave painter for five euros. It is well worth it for the memory and it also supports the local photographer who is very happy to take several shots of you to make you happy.

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