I visited the Destinations Travel Show again this year and came across the Water-To-Go reusable plastic bottle, a water filtration system which you can take with you on any trip. Water-To-Go is basically a reusable plastic container with a cap that contains a special filter. You can fill the bottle with water from pretty much any source (rivers, ponds, taps, lakes) and drink it straight away! How neat is that?

The guy at the show even demonstrated it by drinking from a bottle that contained some really filthy water. If that doesn’t convince you, Lloyd Figgins, the great survivalist has included this bottle as an essential travel kit in his new book ‘The Travel Survival Guide’.

I met Lloyd at last year’s Destinations Travel Show and you can read my interview with Lloyd here and my review of Lloyd’s other book here. You can pre-order his book Travel Survival Guide on Amazon by clicking this link. The book will publish on 5 April.

Lloyd Figgins Water-To-Go Book

Lloyd Figgins Water-To-Go Book

Seems like a clever way of saving the planet, especially that it uses NASA technology! Nowadays, with everyone suddenly talking about reducing our plastic waste, Water-to-Go will help you do your bit by not buying single use plastic bottles.

The filter in the bottle lasts about 3 months and cost £9.99 to replace. The bottle itself is from £12.99, depending on size.

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