Boston in the Fall is a perfect destination to experience big city life – yet still enjoy nature at its best. If you are from Europe there is nothing to stop you from hopping on a plane to the other side of the pond, even more so now that Norwegian offers great value flights.  This is exactly what I have done: I got myself a ticket on their new route for mid-October for some leaf peeping, all in at only £330 return. Boston is a great city for two reasons: you can do it in a couple of days and it has great parks and walks that offer you the opportunity to learn about the early days of US history.

The only real drawback is the price of local hotels. If you are willing to commute a few stops out of town then it should not be a problem though. I booked a room in the Roadway Inn Logan International Airport, which is only a 20 minute drive from downtown. It was terribly noisy but at $139 it was a third of the price of the cheapest hotel downtown. If you struggle from jet lag there are various 24/7 restaurants nearby, including two Dunkin Donuts and an iHop. I had breakfast at the iHop in Revere at 5AM then headed into town around 8 for a short day trip.

Boston’s Big Dig

Thanks to the “Big Dig” it is super easy to get into town and parking is plentiful if you know where to look. It is also possible to park on the street, just make sure you don’t block the fire hydrant because that will be a fine of $100! Ouch!

Once in the city the best thing to do is to find the waterfront and walk along towards Charlestown Bridge and join the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail will take you along all the historic sites that you need to see and the walk will take about 2-3 hours (Download it using THIS link).

If you start around 8-9AM you will be done by lunch. There are various booklets that you can pick up at the tourist office and they also offer free guided walks. If you’ve parked your car near Boston Common it is also a good place to join the trail.

One cafe I would definitely recommend is inside the Omni Parker House Hotel. It is a very expensive place but this is the only cafe where you can buy the original, world famous Boston Cream Pie. It is $9 a piece but it is very tasty.


Then you have the Historic Haymarket Public Market where you can top up on fruits and vegetables as well as seafood.

If you fancy sitting in a restaurant just walk along Hanover Street and pick one that you fancy. You have a choice of Italian pizza places, American diners, some Asian places and the generic burger joints.

My tour ended with the discovery of a $100 fine on my wind shield for parking in front of a fire hydrant – you’ve been warned!

Read the next article to find out about the drive to Providence and where to have lunch when you get there.

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