Brick Lane Market is a major tourist attraction in London. Brick Lane Market is a five minute walk from Liverpool Street, Whitechapel or Shoreditch stations. Here you can buy anything from retro clothing to furniture, jewellery and even get a haircut. There are indoor and outdoor stalls, food and drink stands, clothing, books, bikes, DVDs, CDs, original Chinese movies with subtitles and everything in between.

Brick Lane Market

The further you get from the stations the cheaper the stuff gets and the scruffier the stalls become. You will find the best parts near the elevated railway tracks, squeezed between two building sites and the new overground station. This is where the real flea market is, selling old paintings, radios, TVs and DVDs – pretty much all you can think of.

It is a great place to wonder around and spend the day. If you get hungry you can buy food from all over the world. There are stalls and also brick and mortar shops. They sell everything from beef bagels to freshly squeezed fruit juices, burgers and cakes all within a 10 minute radius.

My First Visit

I first visited in 2011. The market has changed a lot since but in essence it is pretty similar. Back then I bought myself the second volume of “Money No Enough”, a Chinese melodrama and a bicycle light set. I nearly also bought a brand new bike!

Nowadays it is becoming a trendy go-to place so prices have gone up. In most places the food is a bit overpriced – £3.5 for a cupcake? I wonder what they make that cupcake of? A fruit juice is £3.5 and a pancake is a fiver? If you are a tourist it’s OK but not some place I would visit every day.

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