This is a short video of my BA2167 Gatwick Tampa flight experience on-board a British Airways aircraft. The plane was rather old and it even had ashtrays from the olden days when anyone could smoke on-board! The toilet was old too and smelled like a public convenience. The seats were also old, with no plugs for a smart phone. Luckily I had my battery booster pack otherwise I would not have lasted the 10 hour flight. Anyhow, aside that the flight was on time and I felt comfortable. They catered for my dietary needs and there was a functioning on-board entertainment system. Unfortunately the screen was very small and so I only watched one program before I started to feel fuzzy. On the plus side, I have long legs, yet I could sit comfortably as there was enough legroom. Watch the video below for more!


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  1. The Jetset Boyz

    Even though it’s against the law to smoke on a plane, you’ll still find ashtrays on board. FAA says that toilet doors must be fitted with ashtrays because if someone were to smoke they still need to stub it out, and it’s best they have somewhere to do that rather than cause a fire by dropping it in the bin.

    You were unfortunate to get a 777 that doesn’t have in-seat power, that is changing as the planes are being refurbished. Unfortunately, many of the BA planes that are based at Gatwick are ‘hand-me-downs’ from Heathrow. Some of their planes are looking a little shabby on the inside, the good news is that you’ll see these planes refurbished from early 2018.


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