I flew to Granada from London Gatwick with Easyjet for a four day road trip around Andalucia in Spain. We boarded the plane at Gate 105 in the North Terminal of London Gatwick Airport. Our departure was scheduled for 12:35 but we were slightly delayed by the late arrival of the plane.

easyjet london granada flight path

Easyjet London Granada Flight Path

Boarding The Plane

There was nothing major to report from the time of boarding except for the usual people blocking the aisle and being unable to take a seat without holding everybody else up.

I had a window seat with the usual magazine in the front pocket. The desk was clean without any leftover from the previous passenger.

Easyjet Cabin Inside

Easyjet Cabin Inside

Onboard Facilities

I had just about enough leg room, although it was very difficult to stretch out properly and my legs went numb within about an hour.

The toilet and the baby changing were clean and we arrived in Granada about three hours after departure, just before sunset.

Our departure was slightly delayed by the late arrival of the flight which was the same on the way back. I fell asleep as soon as we took off but unfortunately I could not sleep through the flight as my leg went numb so I had to get up mid flight.


We arrived slightly delayed by our late departure, just in time for sunset.

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