It is easy fill out your Interrail or Eurail Pass and takes about two seconds if you do it right. There are only a few boxes to fill and mostly you just need to write today’s date and your destination station, so it is pretty difficult to make a mistake. I’ve shot this below video to help you fill out and there are also some instructions below the video. Interrail/Eurail also sends you a nice handy leaflet to help you fill out your Interrail pass, so there really is nothing to worry about!

How to fill out your Interrail or Eurail Pass: Video

Filling Out Your Interrail/Eurail Pass: Instructions

The Interrail Pass comes with a pretty simple form. First, you just need to write down your outbound journey details: the travel day and month. Then you fill out the first travel day’s line and enter your destination city and where you are coming from. And that’s pretty much all you need to do for your first trip.

I had a seven day pass within 30 days and my first day was the 28 July. So I just filled in 28 July as my first travel date.

The Interrail Travel Diary

Then you have also got a travel diary in there in which you need to fill out your outbound journey details. First, you fill out your home country and then in the diary below you need to fill out the day, month and time of each train you board. This is just to help the Interrail & Eurail company to track what sort of journeys people are making during an Interrail or Eurail trip.

The Personal Details on the Interrail Form

There is also another important part on this form, namely your personal details. You should fill this out as soon as you got the form.

Basically just write your first name and last name and your contact details. Especially important is your email address and telephone number. It is important in case you lose your pass there might be a good Samaritan like myself who will return it to you if they find it. I was once walking around in Budapest and I picked up one of these from the street. I contacted the guy who was really looking for it all over Budapest because he couldn’t catch his train home without it. As you can imagine he was pretty happy to receive it when I returned it to him.

Filling out the First Line

OK, now I think you can go ahead and fill out your first travel date. In case you have any doubts, just get that really nice booklet from the envelope in which you received your pass and follow the guidance there.

Making Mistakes

But make sure you don’t make any mistakes, especially if you are using a pen because you will just lose a day if you’ve made a mistake with the date.

So now just enjoy your trip!

Filling out Interrail or Eurail Travel Diary

Filling out Interrail or Eurail Travel Diary

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